My name is Jimmy {alias The Cyberman}. I started this business in 1994. The business ran as a computer service and repair company specializing in custom built systems of all types until 2007 when I joined the Canadian Armed Forces to serve my country. Now at retirement from the CAF, I have returned to helping people in the world of IT. Many people are misled by techs and companies that are just out to make a buck, so I am back to help. Now this site is dedicated to tech information and to the sharing of that knowledge. Please join my web BLOG. There you will be able to communicate with others that have tech info on computers, gear, problems and other tech stuff to share. Let me know if there is info on something you need to know about and can’t find, I’ll post it for you. At this time I would like to thank all my tech buddies and web sites like TomsHardware, Techradar, Pcmag and Pcgamer to name a few, thanks for your help in my research.

Have yourself a great day !!
The Cyberman